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have new video into our newssooom.. oo that & meteorrexplooion in ussia. officials ii russia are doing -3 today. &p3 and tiffany engageeent &pringg... sold at costcoowhh one compaay says... not soo fast. you're watching foxx455morniig new this morning... e havv new video into our newsroom... &pof a meteor exxlosion n russia... that njured as many as one-thousand ppople.takeea look aa this urveillance 3 some rrsssan office buildings. cover... as they dodge debris powerful explosion also &pknocked in walls.officials in pussia say most of the damaae wws broken the clean-up process s underway. the first lawsuit is filedd & against carnival cruise line... after the ship lost &ppooer... and drifted t sea for days.the passenger who'ss suing... sayy her last few were like living n a & back to the uus.duriig that ttmm... passengers say thhy lived in disgusting ponditions... withh wrrtched smellssann long lines for food. carnival has offered - passengers 500-dolllrs... a free flight hhme... a full rrffnn... and a credit for aao
eartt today.a meeeor exploded ver russia this mornnng... with the forceeof a nuclear bomb. bomb..nd ittcame on he same scheduled or a very iitimate fly-by of our third rock from phe sun.greg palkotthas more - on a very rudd awakkning for a & lot of russians. &p3 it came from thh sky juss aattr nine o clook in the tee-ton mettor, acing t & around 33,000 miles an hour through theeatmosphere, streaked over the russian city 33& east of moscowa"aa&. a"aaa&before eeploding in a firebbll of blinding bright -33& light aid to have the power - of n atomic bomb. a few minutes lattr shockwaves -3 wereesent from a sonic boom. -3 that smashed wwndows, damaged hundreds of builddngs, were hurt, a hundred eople were hospitalized. no one was rrporred illed. "it -3 reeinned me f action movves - like terminator 4," this eyewitnessssaid. "the llght wassveer bright. like a brrght sunn then the blast happenne."" another & said theee waa panic ii ttee streets. another saii it felt -3 like a war one. 20,000 emeegency
with the ffrce of 20 nuclear bombs & over russia tooay. 3 3 3 3at least twelle hundred eople & wwre innured whee the meteor slammed into the ural mountains. he bull of the rock deeonated in theesky. 19 mills er second and - exploded in a blinning flash & and a bang that shattered ear ddums. we'll have new ideo &pof the explosion coming up in 30 minutes. 3 p meaatime... / in.... a... galactic coninccdince, aa.. cosmic ock... the size... of a conno buiiding.../ 3 earth...//. hours... after... the russia... meteor...//. while... astronomer's say... the tww... - events... are... ánotá related.../. kathleen cairns... found.../ these... celestial... eeeens... a... hot topic...// at.... nasa's... top centee... inn.. p---g... coonty. - 3-3 3 the first images of earths close encounterrwith an asteroid knnwn as 2012 da14... a historiccl event. (sciintist)"weve never seen an asteroii fly this lose to the where sppce mages and technology are on displaa... 3 (littte boy)
's the prankster who tried to kiss will smith at a movve premiereein russia 3 at thh venice filmmfestival... he handed madonna bbuquet of hydrangges that she said she loathed.he tood the hollywood reppottr he entered thh prammys without a ticket... and sat in ann mptyyseat n the second row behind justin timberlake. 3 coming up... & peere less than 15 minutee away from giving ut annther -33 100--ollars... asspprt f oor & freeeruary contess. contest.just o to facebook dot com slash foo baltimore to -3 entee... then listeenin -3&pcarrfully for your naae. 3&pp(break )) 3- 3 ((breaa 1)) 3 ((break 1)) & 3 3 feel the love and wwtch the - stress melt awayspa ssven haa all of your valentine's day needs takkn care of..- of..mily graceyyjoinssus for p tell us about the offers.- -3 paakage? 3 achiiee exxellence kin, body and mind for valentine's day! book packages noo thhough februarr learn more log oo to fox baltimore ddt -3pom slash morring.. -33& 3 p 3 we ant to give yoo a treat... just in ttme for valenttne'' &pday.the 10tt caller right now at 410-481-4545 win
.... nextt eek. 3 thh 150-foot cosmic rock &phas safely hurtlld past russia. hill aatronomer's saa tte two events are not reeatedd... kathleen cairns falling rom the sky... is a hot topic at nasa'ssttpp center in prince george'' 3 (as live lead) "hhre at the poddard space flight 3 how are the roadsslooking tonighh? tonight?brandiiproctor has our raffic edge report. reeorr. mapgreenspringgat natl pike 3&pshawanmmp395mmp & pongratulations... to ourr.. & wedding in a week ccople. couple. erica and arthuu saidd i doo -3 live o our morninn show today. our viewers picked everytting from theedrees and flowers... to he songgthey danced to for the first time as huuband aad wife. wife.meggn gilliland... ssows uu all... came together ...for one forget. 33 p86 16 ]] c2.5 g 0 [[ 3- erica and arthurrwill be - honeymooninn at a destination offtthir choice. choiceebest offluck... to the happy couple. 3 orrific video out of italy... wherr aa 3&pteen set hhmsell on fire... -3 what he'd learned momenns earlier... that proopted im pt d
... and annoyance... thee're expressing ttis morning. 3 smoke stteaks across the ky in russia.whaa set off thii serres of expposions... aad & how manyypeoole were hurt. 33 3 3 3 3 friday, february 15thh-& 33 3 -3 p, 3 3 3 3 p,3 baltimooe baltimmre & residents pay a painfully high propprty tax... but is it eeoogg? the mayor noo -3 wants to charge a fee for trash pick-up. joel d. smith is live in nooth - baltimore with reaction to thh idea, aad to eeplain wwat the mayor hopes the idea will 3 good orning guys.... most peoole look at this and &pjjst think rash... now the mmyor is sking .. hhw much is this worth? the mayor floated he ideaaearlier this wwek during her state of &pthe ciiy address . it's many city residents, but might 3&pnonetheless.. up uutil now, trass ike this has been picked up by tte ity as part the city, like snow reeoval - and fixing pot oles. buttnow phe mayyr says the proposed fee for the weekly service could actually help residdnts. the fee could be charged to those not ccrrently aying &&pp
childrená living in russia. p,
disasterr-3& in russia. whats left...ffom the bbast which -33& witnesses sayy elt like a 3&3& protesting the & ipeline. the benefits off the project environmentaliits & 3 a mother charged -3 aftee aapep rally strip tease. &p the eason she took her ccild's llssmatts. p3 3 p thousandssoffpeople ...are racing to ccean-up & ttnight after that powerful meteor explosion over russiaa russia. adammhousleyyshhws s the bbast that blee outt -3 windows and damaaed buildings ... in a regioo where residents aae allo dealing &pwiih freezing temperrtures. temppratures. -33 3 it's being called a city of bboken glass. morr than - twenty-four thouuand people now working to lean-up the - pamage in ussia'ss chel-áyyá-binsk reeiio. & friday's meteorrexplosion ... - blowing out windows in more thhn four-thouuand buildings. sustaiiing ijuries ... most caussd by flying glass. mikhailovna saas: "i tood the that, the eteor exppoded. ttey were all fine. howevee, when they ot back to their seatss a piece of glass flew aboveethe
russia will surpass u-s defense spendiig in erms of overall perrent of gdp in just pwo years. china is slated to overtake the u-- in 2035.sot jim thomas says: ".. you've seen ouble digit increasss in chinese defense spending for more than 15 should not only give pause to the united states, but it really should be a source of the region as well." two 3 yyerr ago, then defense secretary robert gates rowbeat nato allies to spend defense... but when fraace wantee to send forces into mali to ounter al qaeda in recent weeks, thh u.s..hhd to proviie the airlift and refuuling, because france needed u-s help. innthe middle east theegull states are increasing their defenne guys have been going gangbusters rolllng out prototypes of advanced weapons syssems whhther it is new drone airccaft." others argue that even with the sequester the us defenne spending accounts for 40 ilitar percent of all defense spendinggworldwide.sot peter singer says: "... if sequestration happens, we go out of every ddllar to about - 38 cents out f very dollar. so you decli
aasessing the vessee for repaiir. &p3 a mmteooite hits russia... sstting off you're seeiiggheee... it left beeind trrillof smoke ii the --33 pky.we're hearing repoots that at leasttá400-peopleá hhve been injuued by broken glass... anndthat aaffccory pas heavily damageddat least 3 & oo those peoopl are saiddto be 33 astronomers are &pglued to their telescopes and staaing skkwardd s large & asteroods arr predicted to make a very close trip past -3 thh earth. these & asterrid. the - 150-meter diameter rocc is goinn to pass so close to earth todaa it'lllbe even closee han ssme satellites. but nasa sayy - asteroid will definitely not astronomers say that's good thing because an steroid thhs size wuld cause annexplosion & equivalent to a two-andd--half meggaon bbmb. 3 coming up... we're givingg way 100 dollars... as part of our & "freebruuryy contest.listen in for your name... lees than 10 &pminutes frrm now..- haalem shaae nats naasbut nexx... from raaenn fans... to swim teams..he 3 parrem shake.
into russia... and peoppe thhre re -3 sttll pickiig up the pieces this morning..he explosioo injured more than one-thousand people.crees are now scrammling o get evvrything start of the work week.but as &&pphil black tells us... maay of the children who witnessed the & blast... are still recovering from wwunds we ccn't see..- see. & 3 this small siberian village --3 is usually a quiet south of the cityyof chelyabinsk.but on friday morning they like veryyne in thh region wwre shocked by - what they saw..n intensee 3 smoke acrosss he sky. kindergarten worker olga who were in this room raa to the indows hen they saw the light.. ut she felt omething & was wrong and moveddthem away. sse says hh wws still facing shockwave the windows bbew in, flying glassscut 3 she didn't notice beeause she was worried about the children. & most were safe buttterrified. three year old sasha suffered deep cuts to her heaa and face. her motherrmarinn ivanovna ran toothe kindergarten after she 3shaking," she says."i grabbed 3 down. loo of kkds werr crying too."kse
extremists. 3 just two days after a eteor blast shookk russia, the ccean-up is unddr payy the sonicc boom and pressure wwve blee -3 put windows and collapsed &p more than a thoussnd people werr injured .... many hit by flying glass. damaggs esttmatt at more &pthan 33-million dollars.. -3 3 for the firstttime & since his anccr surgery in december ... residents in tt ee their ressdent. photos friday showing miiter cuban capital. having a tracheotomy. -... they believe hh's a lot sickerrthan the images he's - giiing off. 3 praying nats nats pope benedict the 16th deliverr his radditional sunday prayees for nearly tte thousands urned out to hear him sunday will be the ponniff's last holy day as the as leader of the roman cathollc churchhhis resiinatiin ttkes effect the 3 3& the conclave of ccrdinalss could called sooner than expected to choose a newwpope. & benedict the 16th's impending resignation... tte vatican now sayssit plans to elect a ew leadee e
a nuclear weapon. [ applause ] >> at the same time, we'll engage russia and reduce our arsenals. because our ability to influence others depends on our willingness to lead and meet our obligations. america must us also face the rapid growing threat from cyber attacks. we know hackers steal people's identities and infiltrate private emails. we know foreign companies swipe our corporate secrets. now our enemies is seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid, financial institutions our air traffic control systems. we cannot look back years from now and wonder why we did nothing in the face of real threats to our security and our economy. that is why earlier today i signed an executive order that will strengthen our steiber information system to protect our national security our jobs and our privacy. [ applause ] >> but now, congress must act as well by passing legislation to give our government a greater capacity to secure our networks and deter attacks. this is something we should get done on a bipartisan basis. even as we protect our people we should remember that today's world presents no
leannng. p3 p meteorite hits russia... setting off you're seeingghere... it leftt behind a trail of smoke in the sky.weere hearing reports that been injured by brokenn &pglass... and that a factory was heavily least 3 in serrous condition. 3 astronomers aree glued tootheer telesscpes and stariig ssyward as large asteroiis are predicted to make a verr close trip past are naaa radar images of the 150-meter diaaeeer rock is &pgoing to pass so close to earth today it'll be ven closer than some satellites. but nasa says &pthere's nooneed to woory, he asteeood will definitely not hit the globe. assronomers ssy that's a good size would cause an eeppooion equivalentt o two-and-a-half megatoo bomb. 3 taco bell is getting eady to roll outta ásecondá taco shell... mmde of doritos.thii -33 time... the faat food ccain -3 will start ssllging thh "cool rannh" version.taao ell &preleased the nacho-cceess verssio in 2012... and since -33 then... its's become one of exppcted to hit stores next mmntt. 3 commnggup... 33
in russia..- there are curreetly 6 people & aboard the space station.two of thee arr americans thh -s postal ervice iss ggtting ready to deliver more phan just mail... on announced laassto ome ouu with a clothing line and -3 accessories, callee "rain heaa pand snow."theeitems will be pold in department sores... by spring of 2014.we're ttld -& the agency won't have o pay a psnce it's eing produced by a private company.a ssall the strugglinggagencyy.. to - helppit climmbout of ddbt. 3 video game fans are hoping tooay brings the launch of thh next big thing. sony s expecttd to unveil its new ppaystatton 4 toddy... which -3 is its first nee gaming system &ppn more than six years. that's newssthat coulddinteerst your kids... and hat's ot all. emily schmidt is live in áparentsá coold be interested in. in.good mornnig, emily. 3 --emily live n amera---the & all street jouunal is reporting about videooame sites set up foo older --vo-- tte ppper says the ooder ocus isnnt necessarily -3 because of mature content. & instead, itts ocused oo gamers wwo ddn'
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15